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A dollar spent is a dollar earnt (?)

I saved money by spending money! :D

Basically, Wesfield shopping centers are having a promotion that give you a $20 gift card if you spend $120 or more at participating stores (which is a quite a long list).
But you ask, how do you spend money, and still feel like you saved money at the same time?
Well............. that's because I bought all my stuff using gift cards collected over the year.

WooooT!!! .......... And thanks to everyone..haha..........

Ze good star trek movie

I'm glad I got the opportunity to watch Star Trek the movie (2009). It lived up to the great reviews and hype the audience and critics were giving it.

It had its "WTF, that happened to easily" or "erh, what a coincidence............. not" moments. You know, when things go according to plan without good reason, and we just say "It's Hollywood". But it was only twice.

I was expecting to go into the movie, and keep seeing Spock as Sylar in a new hair-do, but surprisingly, I forgot about it in 15 minutes. The story was told well, and the little Star Trek hints and fan services were noticeable, even from a non-Trekky like me.

Anyways, I won't say anymore if you haven't seen it. It's a good movie and you should see it when you have the time. Okay. That's all, I shall not be emotionally compromised, otherwise I could lose my captain's seat.


I apologise to anyone I may offend in this post, and I will disclaim that I don't know the basketball rules that well, and I have not watched more than 20 or so basketball games.

Recently, basketball has been pissing me off. Why? It's because it's such a non-defensive sport. You hardly see any defense tactics, and if you see it, it's so rare. People are ultimately running back and forth and just shooting the ball in hoop whenever they get the chance.

I understand it's a high scoring game, but it seems like it's a skill based game and not enough tactics. It doesn't appeal to my limited intellect. You see in soccer, you can win a game by either having a good attack, but that can always be countered by a good defense and a goalie. You can win a game in soccer by having a good defense, as long as you win by one point. So overall, the chances are scoring a shot are not high, and hence it comes down to really working with your team, and that's everyone, not just passing it to your ace whenever he's free.

In basketball, you win by two things, shoot alot, and hope the enemy makes lots of mistakes. Not enough time for comebacks, and that's why the game is so stressing.

Eriz has already shown me some good defending in basketball, and I acknowledge they're pretty hard to pull off, but most of them are just steals. Where's the blocks? From what I've seen (which is very little amount of basketball games I remind you), steals, blocks & intercepts are rare to see because they are hard to pull off legitametly. You COULD have a tall defender blocking the ring, but that's ultimately countered by others doing 2 point and 3 point shots. And it would seem it's hard to counter a 3 point shooter, unless...he misses, but most of the time, in professional games, they get it in, unless the 3 point shooter is not experienced enough, or really feeling the pressure of catching up.

One more thing, the word 'foul' is used so many times in the game. That really pisses me off. Every minute there's a foul being called. Most of the time these fouls are due to a little tap or touch on the arm. Surely you can be lenient on a person if they accidently touch your arm while they're trying to steal the ball of you! It's not like they're directly going for your arm. Or when you reach your arm out for a steal, you push your arm out so fast, it's very hard to pull it back quickly, and then attacker runs into it, and that's considered a foul. I know, it's a non-contact sport, but seriously, when most of the time an attacker runs up for a layup, or dunk or something or rather, the defenders 85% of the time are considered to make a foul, and the attacking team then gets a free point shoot even when the they've just scored the point in. Oh come on, they're just trying to defend. Let them defend!! I'm not saying that touching them is okay. If it looks bad, like it was intentional, yes foul them. If unsure about the result, then use a video referee. Catch up with the times.

I know it seems like I don't know the game that well, so whoever reads this, please correct my understanding of this game. I want to appreciate it, but I can't seem to at the moment. The game is good, and it's popular for a reason. In fact, if it doesn't rain tomorrow, I'm playing it. And I'm not a newb, but I'm not pro good. Okay. That is all. Bring on the flame if you like.

Oriental dork

Photos taken on Chinese New Year '09.

Bamboo shoots growing in oriental vase.

Oriental dork growing on coat hanger.

Corporate Chain

At work I have sitting behind me my Boss (Team Leader), my boss's boss (General Manager), my boss's boss's boss (The Director), and in the room behind them, the boss's boss's boss's boss (The CEO). lol. Now don't slouch. Sit up straight. Be a good boy.

console wars

Ah @_@ internal conflict between wii and ps3. I'm slowly leaning towards getting a PS3 now. It's all your fault eriz!!!