Dramatic Day

Gosh.....what a dramatic morning!!!!!!

It all started with me, forcefully waking up in the morning and reminding myself to bring my uniform, which was conveniently hooked onto my bed side. I had to get to work early, the boss was working with me today. As I was rushing out of home to get to the station, I had an umbrella in one hand, an empty stomach in the other.

Arriving at the station, I waited 4 minutes for the train. As the 8 carriage train arrived, my mind just suddenly clicked. I had left uniform on my bedside O_O!!! ..O gosh, i was kicking myself. I quickly rang my brother to retrieve my uniform and wait outside. My mum had left her mobile switched off, so he had the important task to inform my mum of the situation, before she parked the car and such.

Knowing I could not make it down to work in time, I had to be driven to work. Despite troubling everyone, it was quite interesting. We traveled down m4, onto king george's road, and up to the m5, to finally reach domestic airport. Guess how long it took? 35 minutes. Wowsers, that was fast!!!! I learnt a new route to work today.

To add on top of the drama, a few seconds after I arrived at work, a plumbing problem suddenly occurred. I was then responsible for cleaning it up. It stank. Stank bad..... wasn't fun at all. I won't go to the details.

Anyways, I was then let off work early.

I wanted to go play ball with the Uni crew, but I didn't have the right shoes to play. Despite informing of my presence, I had to cancel. The work shoes I had were pretty expensive, and were not suitable for playing sports with.

Meeting up with SPK in the city, we watched transformers. Greater Union George street had a movie sale, which was pretty interesting. It's basically 5 tickets for $50. That's something you don't see everyday =D The movie was great ^^ I'm glad I watched it. I couldn't help think of the modelling, animating and lighting produced throughout the movie, but I guess it's expected for a Digital Media student. Digital Media Students, transform!!!!