Glenmore Hotel

I know... I know, I shouldn't have gone out tonight, even after that promise. But I had a good reason. I worked quite hard lending service to the Sydney Festival, and not to go to the Thank you Party, that would be quite absurd... don't you think?

Well, it was a nice night. I had a jist of where the place was. Didn't really know until I got there. Twisting and turning and churning and wirling. Finding the Glenmore Hotel was much harder than anticipated.
Firstly, I didn't know the name of the hotel.
Secondly, I had no idea where it was.
Thirdly, the friend that I expected to go, didn't
and ... Fourthly, I wasn't very city wise............... so eventually, I rang the organiser up after going through my call history....

The place was really nice!!! I'd just absolutely loved it. You could see the Opera House and the whole city landscape. Next door to the Harbour Bridge (although it was blocked out by another building), the place was surreal. And as an added bonus, there were fireworks later in the night from right behind the opera house. Hmm.... might head there next time for pre-pre-new years of something.

I met heaps of Festival buddies (although I did forget a few of their names, I'M REALLY SORRY NICOLA), and a few new friendly faces!!! It was surreal to know that some where expert poets, some where practicing film makers, or even kid tutors. BUT BEST OF ALL, there was a COFA KID there too!!! SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COFA KIDS ARE COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the end, after two and a half spilt drinks... I knew it was time.
And lesson for today..... go To the LOO when you have the chance. Don't think you will have the chance later on. Sometimes transport runs smoothely when you don't want it to.

That's it. Time to hit the hay, then hit the book/electronic tutorials tomorrow.


anthea said...

yes cofa kids are very cool

Selma said...

This is great info to know.