Return of the Blog

Hooray!.....this marks my return back to blogging.

I havn't been blogging for quite a LONG time....mainly because I recieved this really soulful message from a stranger. She told me how important it is to keep one's life in secrecy. I agreed with her. If you told everyone everything, then those who are manipualtive and deceiptful will take it to your advantage.

But I don't care anymore. I have to many boiled up things. My life already contains to much holding back. I need to clarify.

And until further notice, I've decided not to go out and have fun until Uni starts. I can't afford to waste so much time. I can't afford it. Going out is good and stuff, but being in what trade I am proposing to do, you don't get much knowledge hanging about and doing the usual stuff. As friends, I hope you all understand. I've already wasted too much of my life.

I've gone through this decision for quite a while. I need self discipline. I need to learn. I need to know. To grow. So as of this moment, Ray is now a boring boy who stays at home. *sigh.....* as it would seem so.

I think of this as Big Brother. Isolated in a building, and you see what I get up to. Except, I am Big Brother, I filter out stuff (with that secrecy thing still there).


Somphors said...

Oooh so that's why you decided to not come down the coast huh? Trying to self discipline yourself with productive focus? Good for you. :) At least someone is doing something about it...unlike others *ahem* :P.

Ray said...

Yeah... I'd love to go, but I don't think I should :(

Have the bestest time though!!!

Hope to see you all back with awesome sun tans.

Anonymous said...

hehe, Ray turned into the Good Boy ^^

Somps, I'm also very aware who the "others" you're talking about XD


Ray said...


What do you mean? Havn't I always been a ... *cough cough* good boy.

Somps is right, we have to get our heads down Thumbs Up! We have... 1 year to go... :'(