Creepy Maccers


Last night I saw the creepiest things ever.

We were at Circular Quay McDonalds just having a late dinner. As we walked in, we noticed on the TV screens was a program being played. Not your ordinary TV program or music video channel ....... it was a Nanny kind-of-show, WITH....... naked little boys walking around the house.

I ignored it, bought the food and sat with my back towards it. As I was eating, friends kept watching the screen, and I kept asking them if the show was still on, and glancing back to see if it was still on. It was.

As we kept eating, I couldn't help notice all the people in the store. There were 3 homeless looking persons around the store, and I couldn't stop but notice them. Why?..... because they were just sitting around the store entranced in the TV program. There was one on my 9'o'clock, one on my 11'o'clock, and one on my 2'o'clock. ...
First thought that came to mind?..... PEDOPHILES!!!!!!...................

I am not joking, but for once, I was really freaked out.

I kept urging the others to go, but they did not see what I was seeing @_@......

Even...... even, one of the McDonalds employees couldn't help but keep glancing at the program every now and then.

Now, I'm not saying they were pedophiles, but it was sure close to what I envision one to be.

Because the others were taking so long to eat, I had to do something. Luckily, one of the employees came to wipe the tables, and I asked him if he could change the program. He asked why, and joked with "Don't you like it??"...... straight answer from me. Sorry mate, no.

When he got back behind the counter, he changed the channel.

Funny, some people then began to leave the store.

Me paranoid? Or farely right to be afraid? You be the judge.


eriz said...

geez, i told you we should have gone to garlic rice place... but you dont wanna buy another ticket... or even yoshinoya~!!!

charlie said...

I'm sure u paranoid. There can't possibly be that many pedophiles around. And IF your intuition is CORRECT, then who exactly is the odd ones out in society?? the pedophiles, or pedo bashers????

mmm... food for thought.

Rayfy said...

hmm.. good one..... I think I shld have stayed.

And charlie, pedos are scary nether the less.. omg @_@