Was I meant to be a dance wannabe?

Ah... good question. Why was I excited?

One of the things for being excited this week was due to Dance being back on. WooT!! My other dance buddy decided we would go without the friend who crashed his car.

That was what I was waiting for :)

So the night before, I practically searched my whole room to find if I had anymore Dance tickets. In the end, I could only find one.

An hour before class , my friend rang me to say he was canceling due to rainy weather.
I was kinda agitated, but I could understand since it was a bit gloomy.
I rang my father to tell him I was following him home tonight (he works close to me). But for some reason he had his phone switched off.

Later on, I was at the train station. I thought to myself "Hey! Forget about everyone!! I'll just go by myself." There were many factors telling me I should go:
1) I had only one ticket left.
2) My friend canceled on me
3) My dad had his phone switched off.
4) I had all Dance gear with me.

Would be a waste if I didn't, wouldn't it?

So I did go....

... how was class? It was good....... Instead of the regular teacher, we had a substitute. He was different. He had his own favourite moves. What kind of moves? The most uncomfortable one there is, Booty Shaking. That night I did more booty shakes than I've done in my life. No matter how many times I do it, it's still so wierd. Especially coming from the guys........... and especially a guy teacher ~_~

But all in good fun. We danced to Usher - This Ain't Sex. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYzpNisHwFE
Now this song will always be a booty shaking song for me. LOL......

Oh, and that night I also met Hilton from SYTYCD Australia. CooL!!


Em said...

Lol, Ray, you're so cute.

Gotta see some of that booty-shakin' when we're at practice ;) No getting out of it!!

Rayfy said...

oh oh...

elle said...

lol ur blogs are funny.

i scrolled down and that maccas pedo story is scary!

and omg lol at the booty shaking. its a hard art for asians ehhehe.

btw that random quote at the top of ur blog? urs or random?

Rayfy said...

^^ Thanks!

I put the quote there. As you see, I love winter ^^

Not so much the booty shaking @_@. I'm glad you agree it's a hard art for asians @_@

And yeah! Pedos are sooo creepy. I think I have a neighbour who's one too. He fits what I would describe on as!