random photo spam

Next time I go to passionflower, I'm getting this drink. I don't care that it's all red and pink. For all I know, it could be a girls drink, but I don't care. In terms of presentation, this drink has won me over. Looks so nice.

Anyways, after passion flower for Jill's bday, I took this picture of the skyscraper. First thing that comes to mind is Bleach, where Ichigo is standing on the windows. He does something like talk and talk and talk. And then fly away.

Then travelling underground, I took this a picture of the MX stand. For many Sydney-siders, it's the epitome of afternoon information intake.

Earlier that day, I saw an old lady dressed up inthe uniform just like the people below. I thought she was cosplaying something I didn't know about.My funny guess is that they were the Chinese ANZ marching band, taking over Westpac grounds.

Come on band!! MARCH!!!