Talking to colleagues today, we were discussing our eye vision. We talked about the definition of far sightedness and close sightedness, which came to conclusion that close sightedness is clear vision between you and the screen infront of you, while, far sightedness is everything that's further than that. Does that sound right???

Anyways, after the discussion, I decided to play a prank of them. I downloaded an eye chart, printed it out, and then took the same file, and blurred the image.

With those two pieces of paper, one behind the other, I approached them up close, and explained that I was going to work out how good their vision was. All they had to do was read out as many letters as possible. The un-blurred version was shown.

I then walked off with my back towards them. At this stage, I swapped the two around.

I stopped. Turned around. I asked them to start reading.

Everyone was glaring at it, trying to read it.

There was utter silence for 2 seconds.

One then shouted out "We're not stupid ray, that one's blurred"

DAMN!!! HAHAHAHAHA............ Had them for at least a few seconds anyway.


chibi said...

lol, was that a late April fools joke? hehehee..

Rayeefied said...

haha! nup, but it would have been good if I thought about it the day before aye? XD...

just another story said...

ROFLS!!! i think i would've been tricked if you did that to me but then again, i have really bad eye-sight to begin with, so i wouldn't have noticed the difference =P .. if that made sense to you LOL!