New Blog Style, call it ... Photo blogging ;)

I'm going to start adopting Photo blogging. With all the SmeXy pictures I take, I'm bound to have a better chance of remembering what happened. So from now on, you'll be seeing photos followed by supplementary text of my week. Unless it's a special post ^_^

Now let's begin:
Week 2 -

Ha!! Classic time!! This is a sliding book shelf controlled by the wheel on the right. I asked Marcus to slide the shelf in an attempt to squeeze me as I ran across to the other side. Luckily I made it. Otherwise I wouldn't be blogging right now xD

This is the photocopy card vending machine in the Law library. So much hotter and cooler than the ones we have on campus.

Funny banner XD !! On the side of the bike, it says: "One Less Car". Very true. I agree :@!!!

Magnificent image of the newly built UNSW building. My personal favourite of the week.

When am I going home?
Myself all fluffed out after several hours of documentary shooting. Never had to carry a camera for that long @_@ Very late at night by then.

Painting with Light exercise. We used a 5x4 camera to lengthen the exposure time, allowing us to create surreal effects. Wish I kept one of the photos. I could show you all.

My only shot from intensive games of Bball. I got it hand it to Pat, Eriz, Kieren and Ji. They are pretty good players ^_^ I better improve my game, otherwise I'd lose steam.

AAAAAAAAAhhhhhh............................ finally finished blogging. T'was much easier than normal blogging. I don't have to force myself to write long sentances and make sure they flow. I like that.


chibi said...

hehe, that's not a bad idea. You should be blogging more frequently then, without excuses =p

Ray said...

Hahaha!! We'll have to see. Only time and effort will tell =P

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