Death note and my $10.88 lesson

I watched my first episode of Death Note ever. It was quite interesting, yet very morbid at the same time, which made it sad watching it at the time.
I viewed it on youtube, and coincidently it was the english dub. I know i know........ english dubs are bad. And I couldn't agree more for this episode, but I couldn't be bothered to change.

My reactions of the story were generally like this:
-_- to

I can see why people like it. It has great animation. Some parts were animated amazingly, other parts you could see they got lazy and used static shots.


Oh...look! The exams Answers book. No wonder he always comes top of the class.

I can't wait for the detective part to come in. Then that's probably going to be interesting.

If I had a deathnote book, I would have misused it today. Gosh.... why?
Well, let me tell you why.

Heading out to work on my usual walk to the station, I begun to talking over the phone doing producer stuff. I had the feeling that if I got too relaxed talking to others, I would miss the train. It eventually skipped my mind. When I arrived at the park (next to the station), to my dismay, the train had already arrived on the platform. I was shocked. I hung up on my friend, and checked my phone time. 1:55 it read.
...... oh yes. IT was early by 2 MINUTES. I watched the train leave over the distance.

I almost cried. I hated myself so badly. I now was going to be late for work ~_~
Erratically, my first thought was, okay... don't panic. I'll just catch a Taxi to the next station and catch the upcoming express train. The taxi came, I popped in.
The taxi brought me over the bridge, only to show me a train that I COULD of caught instead. I, Raymond, did not check to see if there was a train.
-____________________________- "D'oh!!!!!"

So yeah, the taxi eventually charged me $10.88 for a distance I really could have walked given the time.

Moral of the story: Don't act on impulse. DONT EVER. ALWAYS THINK BEFORE YOU DO


and one more thing

Apples are good for your teeth.



Emily said...

Gah. Watch it in japanese with english subs. Coz Usopp does detective L's voice =P

Saccharine OR Sour said...

hahaha you should've walked instead lar 10.88 was a bit of waste lols!