Not bored of Board Games

Ever since Cafe Norita, alot of our Poker nights have turned into Board Game nights. Haha... is it necessarily a bad thing? I don't think so. I actually do think it's better because it increases our entertainment options.

Monopoly was particularly funny tonight because all of us got sent to the jail at least 2 times (in the first 5 rolls per player). Poor Eriz, he got sent to Jail more than 3 or 4 times in the entire game. And each time, he tested his luck, deciding not to pay the $500,000 for bail, and try bail out with double rolls. Waaa......... not a good choice. After a while, he kind of got left behind in the property buying surge. Eventually, he didn't have enough property to stay rooted into the game. Oh wells... guess he wasn't lucky tonight.

But now I think about it. Monopoly really discriminates players very early in the game. If you don't land on the right places in the beginning stages, it kind of lets you down, and it's really hard to recover afterwards. I don't think that's fair. Players should be given a fighting chance no matter what they're luck is in the beginning. Maybe..... or are there already parameters in place to govern this, and I'm just missing something?

Anyhoos, our next board games was incredibly hilarious. Kudos to Eriz for bringing the game tonight. This down below is the official Simpsons Board Game.
This board game is like 7 games in one. It's really crazy, and hectic, and strange, and funny, all at the same time. The aim of the game is to collect your own tokens to fill up the carpet in the middle. The player with the most tokens on the carpet when it becomes filled wins the game. You earn tokens by winning subgames. Easy, aint it :D ???
Not at all ^_^.... when you travel around the main game, you get sent into these sub games (found around the edges) Some test your singing skills, some test your empathy, sometimes a test of your acting skills, and even others that require your gambling luck. haha.... and worst of them all is when you're sent to the Elementary school, it tests you on your Simpsons Knowledge. (Straight to TV school for you =P )

I was amazed at how much everyone knew about the Simpsons. As definitive as it is, you're not really a 20th century kid if you don't know the simpsons. Hahaaa....

This game would really suck for those who don't watch the Simpsons (and I know a few), but that's only 1/7 of the game. Just hope you don't get sent there =P

Thanks for everyone who came to my place tonight. Hope you enjoyed your time!!

To end on a random note:
On Wednesday, City Rail were trialling out a system that would highlight when the train doors were closing. Did anybody else see it? Isn't it just too cooooooL!?!?!?

30 second Timer till door closes
Big Bad Orange!

It looks so menacing, yet it will probably help people make a wiser decision if they're going to rush for the doors. It won't stop the majority of people rushing anyways, but it'll stop at least some. I'm going to miss seeing people rushing for the train, and to say, sometimes it's me too =)


Anonymous said...

Yeah I've seen that orange display. They needed it because people are always so desperate to get in, even if the door's already closing. Desperate. =S


Rayeefied said...

Yeah! I reckon.
Even yesterday day at North Sydney, some Asian guy was bolting down the escalators as the doors were closing. He almost flew as he leaped from the platform onto the carriage. Everyone was just staring at him. The guy was really proud of himself while everyone was laughing.
Then the next thing you know, he grabs his mobile out and continues his conversation.

Although desperate, beats waiting on the platform for half an hour.

Somphors said...

Yesterday at Penno the train just arrived when I was still outside of the station, so I had to bolt up the stairs to get to the other side. The doors were closing and I was still running down the stairs but luckily they saw me and opened it up just to let me get on hehe.

Rayeefied said...

Lucky =)

And the guy controlling the doors must of felt really good afterwards =)

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