I'm not an OTAKU

Last night I had a seriously weird dream.

Please read on if you dare:

I was attending a special cosplay convention with the cosplay group. Strangely enough, it was held at Epping Boys High School. There were heaps of people lining up along Epping Rd, eager to enter the place. But only certain invitees were allowed in. We entered the school hall, and the doors closed. We shuffled our way to some grab some good seats up the back, and an announcement came up.

The person announced that all invitees had shown up, but a headcount determined that we had some extra people. We all looked around and was astounded. The announcer requested that we determine who we were by coming on stage, and making poses of characters that we've cosplayed before.

(..... yeah, i know, wierd)

So then, when it finally got to my turn, I did the Shino bug pose, Luffy jump, Shikamaru think pose, Pazu run, and then swung an imaginary sword stylishly like Yamamoto. The crowd went wild. Haha.....

Then I woke up.

(yeah......... okay. Strange, i know i know)


Anonymous said...

If you dreamt about One Piece you're definitely not otaku. Don't worry ;).


Anonymous said...

Btw I reckon there's nothing wrong with being an otaku. They're frown upon in Japan, which sucks. People should be allowed to like what they want. As long as they're not hurting anyone, it should be accepted.

But hey, if you're rather not, that's cool too.


Em said...

It's a siiign.

Which reminds me, you free the day after Flora's bday party? (That's Sunday, 5th Oct if you can't be bothered to check.)

Rayfy said...

Sorry, but I don't see myself as an Otaku. And I am definitely not a hikkimori. *glares at Eriz*

Anonymous said...

You go out like all the time how can you be hikkomori XD?


Rayfy said...

lol. yeah!! Thanks M12. See eriz @_@...