Meeting new people

Meeting someone for the first time is so exciting. You get to interact without someone new, make them laugh, learn something new, develop your social skills. Sounds good ai?

Well, no.... not when this is your new supervisor. It's so daunting. Everything you say, everything you do, everything you see. You have to think and choose so carefully. My brain has to run at the speed of light.

The worst part is when you depart. Your consciousness plays with you. You wonder,
- "Did I leave a good impression?",
- "Did I say the right things?"
- "Was I acting like a jerk?"
- etc etc....

But despite that, I always try to think I did the right thing, though the odds are all against me.


chibi said...

First impressions are always important, but in the end your true self will eventually be reveal.

No one can please everyone, but they may appreciate you more than you think.


Ray said...

^_^ aawww.... that's true.
Let's just hope my true self has a chance to shine =D