$40,000 worth off why did I buy this again?

When they invent clothes that stay clean & fresh forever, the Emperor Workstation will be the place you'll find me any time of the day.

I sure hope they also install a handy toiletry in it too.

On a random story.....
One night my computer decided to stop running. I freaked because I didn't back up some important information. I unplugged everything and opened my computer case. Inside was very dusty and it smelt like smoke.

I suspected the dust bunnies, so I got a balloon pump, and gave it an air-bath. I pumped the motherboard, graphics card, hard drives, cables, etc. After cleaning, it worked, and I was relieved.

The next day, it happened again. I unplugged and plugged the power supply and realised something was missing. There was no start up sound. I suspected the power supply, and took it out. While I was waiting for my dad to scrounge around in his room finding a spare power supply, I decided to air-bath the power supply. Pumping and pumping, a few roach wings flew out. HOW SCARY @_____@!

I've heard of cockroaches living in the computer, but my friend, that's proof~!!!

Well, the computer worked again, and it hasn't failed since then. So that's good :D


M12 said...

That's why I hate bugs!! I hope you killed those roaches real good! How dare they interfere with your computer's operation. Bah >:(

Eltania said...


But you sound like a professional computer cleaner. Care to clean out my comp some time? ;)

Rayeefied said...

Ya. But I don't think the bugs did THAT much. The power supply has been used for several years, so I guess a change may have been needed.

And haha, no, I'm far from a professional computer cleaner. I do know how to operate a balloon pump though. Do you trust me to use that xD..

Saccharine OR Sour said...

hahaha! air-bath hahaha~ that's a funny term to use xD is it an actually term xD or did you make it up? anyways ewwwwww flying roaches xOOOOOOOOO! I'd scream my head off if i see any! =D but its good that your computer's working great =D

Rayeefied said...

The term air-bath probably exists, but if it doesn't, then bags patenting it :)

Anonymous said...

chiii... too bad