Phone Camera Fun - Qantas Man

I saw this really cool billboard advertisement for Qantas today. It's just outside the Domestic airport entrance.

Yup.... 1337!!



chibi said...

hmm? whats cool about the ad? Is it because it has "Raymond" photoshopped on it? XD

aw. ray sends Florence off. How sweet.

Bittersweet Memoirs said...

hahaha you forgot the cape xD its like a known fact that superman needs a cape to fly xD

Rayeefied said...

I didn't photoshop it in. I'm serious. It's real. But there's a reason though ;)
p.s: Chibi, how did u know I sent her off @___@?

lol. And yesh. Should have had a cape with that shot. More dramatic too!

ren said...

Yeah, how did u know he sent me off? lol..
and Ray, ur now famous, hey, it might affect your political career

Anonymous said...

I believe the 2nd photo wasn't taken on the same DAY~!!!!!

Rayeefied said...

lol. Of course it wasn't taken on the same day. First one is an airport area pic, and the second one is at the Sydney Dance Company.

chibi said...

ohohohoohhohh.. O=D