Poker Night 080208

Congratulations to tonight's Poker Night Winner, Eriz !! =D

For this amazing win in Poker, you win this wonderful gift supplied by the lovely people of the fun factory.
This 1980s lamp is now yours to keep!!!
Made with no future design sense in mind, it comes optional with grey particle dust!!

Not only that, it also comes additional features such as:

Medium-length white cord

Foreign type power plug

and for absolutely no additional price, no light bulb!!

Sadly Eriz did not bring the gift back home, so it was quite a harsh thing. You broke my generosity. How could you?? ;_;

But I did manage to have a fun night. We went through 3 rounds of games. 1st was Poker, which Eric pawned us fair and square. 2nd was Texas' hold' em Poker, where we started with the same colour chips so we could see who was pawning who, meaning we would own the limbs of another. With immense luck, I won this game.............mwhahaha.....I have all your chips. I own your asses now (XD).....
The 3rd game was quite and interesting game which Sevier taught us. It was called Spoon, which was quite similar to turtle, but we used the whole deck. Interesting indeed. No one really won this game because none of us kept wells.

I hope everyone had a good night, and when I have the next poker night, I hope more people can make it. In fact, I have these really cool invites to show, but I won't be showing them till I get a design approval from Somps.


In store for next time's Poker Night at my place, you will get the chance to win the following:
- The missing Light bulb
- Maybe a foreign adapter
- and this amazing Power Supply Fan unit**power supply fan unit may not function. Each unit not to be sold separately. Batteries not included.

Thanks for coming Eriz, Meady, Sevier and Ji.


eriz said...

i totally won the last game, especially when i had four of a kind and took all the tokens, oh, btw the lamp is ur 21st bday present

Rayeefied said...
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Rayeefied said...

Pyyaaarrr...... Do I hear a cheetah? Haha... you played well man